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The Steepest Street in the World

The steepest navigable street in San Francisco (and the Western Hemisphere) may be Filbert Street, at 31.5% (17º), but the steepest mostly-navigable street in the block of Broderick Street between Vallejo and Broadway. It now features a rock garden, massively steep nearly un-walkable sidewalk, and what appears to be the most frustrating driveway in the world.


If you’re ever in SF, I highly suggest you walk up Broderick from the Marina. It’s a beautiful walk, and scaling the 38% grade hill to Broadway is immensely rewarding. This appears to be the gateway to the core of the Pacific Heights neighborhood, which—based on a little snooping—is the richest part of San Francisco by far. Diane Feinstein calls the neighborhood home, and the home just after the steep sidewalk is the most expensive home in The City, at 37 Raycliff Terrace. It was purchased for $29 MILLION dollars in 2008 by Michael and Xochiltzin Birch, former owners of Bebo. Talk about digital ROI!

But the most interesting thing to me was the “There, I fixed it” driveway on Broderick.

Sure, you get a great view…

But at what cost?

Just look at the tire marks! They continue on the inside apex of each of the driveway’s switchbacks, indicating that whatever fancy-ass car(s) these people are parking in their garage(s) aren’t up to the task of scaling their driveway.

I wonder what the real-estate listing looked like.

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