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Great Media: Chevy Volt Journey

In the category of amazing media buys, here’s an offering from Chevy for the Volt. It’s called “Chevy Volt Journey” and it takes fairly simple (if old-school and frequently shitty) digital implementations – frames and expandable banners – and turns them on their head.

NB: I pitched this internally at a previous job and was vigorously shot down by the media department. That was a big bummer. “NB” ≠ not bitter. Anyway.

Click the banners and you get something you’re probably interested in. Amazing.

The nuts and bolts of it are as follows:

  1. Chevy has purchased media and development across the network of Federated Media (FM) sites
  2. For their dollars, they get to put FM content into a branded, expandable frame that doesn’t send you to a Chevy Volt microsite or configurator, but rather to something else you’re likely to be interested in
  3. If you expand the frame-banner-jobby, you get a set of sliders that allow you to customize the content that appears in the the frame, thus personalizing your “Journey”
  4. The sliders relate to key attributes of the Volt, and you can’t turn all of them on at the same time. Because that’s not the way content works:
    • Environmental
    • Tech
    • Mobile
    • Design
    • Volt (of course)
  5. And because FM has so many awesome sites for the somewhat affluent, interested-in-design-and-digital-and-the-environment types, you’re highly likely to click into something excellent

They even did it with the rich media. Interestingly enough, you can’t click from these banners to a Chevy-owned domain. Because that doesn’t matter whatsoever.

Why? If people want a Volt, they know where to go to find information. They don’t need a banner to tell them where to go. But if StumbleUpon, Percolate and Google Currents are any indicator – and I think they are – people do need advice on places to find content they’re likely to enjoy.

Go here to see it live.

Two lessons: first, make your media dollars do something for your target audience, not just for you; second, look to inspiration from currently successful digital things when you design your own.

Nice work, Chevy media people, wherever you are.

Ping Pong Versus Dinner


Strolling through NOTCOT today, I found a ping-pong dining table.


That’s just perfect. It looks like the centerpiece swivels to become the net. I hope it’s on some sort of pivot. Dad, are you seeing this? Please make me one as soon as you can.


“Good match. Your turn to do the dishes.”

Hunn Wai for Mein Gallery, via NOTCOT and Yatzer.

Things that make me smile

Hustlewood makes me smile
Launching my own site makes me smile.

So a few weeks ago, my buddies and I launched our “real” site for our semi-real side project, Hustlewood. A couple years ago, we were sitting around, two of us boozing (one is allergic) and all talking about how to build a web community around cycling. That didn’t pan out, but in the meantime, we decided to do what we do best: create things that sell stuff, and get paid for it. So we started this little thing called Hustlewood, and just like the cobbler’s children, we were walking around without digital boots.

Check it out at hustlewood.com. I wrote the copy, Kevin did the pretty parts, and Eric made it awesome.

NOTCOT makes me smile.
It was on NOTCOT, too, which makes us feel pretty damn cool. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me smile.

My dream

Andrew Berman - from NotCot

Andrew Berman - from NotCot

Andrew Berman - from NotCot

Found this on notcot the other day: a private library/studio by an architect called Andrew Berman. You enter from the door at the back, and a storage area is provided at the ground level. But the workspace, looking out to the trees, is what’s really incredible. If you can’t work here, you can’t work anywhere. Though I find my best stuff happens in a loud bar. The copper exterior will eventually turn green, blending in with the trees.

Oh and if you don’t use notcot, you should.

Nice car work

From Jeep, via Hee-Haw Marketing. Good one, Paul.

From Renault, via I Believe in Advertising & NOTCOT.

Nice to see some good TV stuff for car companies.