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Building a Better Gravestone (Lo-Fi Blog 8)


Following in the footsteps of my father, I love cemeteries. Grave markers are such an interesting thing. There’s shiny ones, beautifully scarred old ones, tall ones, artsy ones and even little houses for the dead. Fascinating.

But, like toilet paper, relatively mature innovation-wise.

So a few years back on my way home from a track meet at Whittier College, I thought it might be nice to make them electronic: put a big touch screen on the front and load them full of pictures, videos, stories, poems, whatever, so that when you went to visit a loved one, you could get to all your memories right then and there.

I’m sure loads of people will find this idea repulsive. Which is understandable. But given that:

  1. Right now I am creating a massive amount of content online. In the last year I’ve posted 1,540 pictures to Flickr and written 200-ish posts on this blog. I’ve got 31 videos on YouTube, and profiles on Myspace, Facebook, etc. etc.
  2. Someday we all will die, leaving a ton of stuff floating around online. My current pace will give me about 26,500 pictures, 11,000 posts and 1,700 videos by the time I’m 80.

It might be nice, then, to make it easy to access all this content from one physical location.

Basically what you’ve got is a traditional marble headstone, but with a solar panel up top to provide power to the system. Put one of those awesome multi-touch screens on the front and give it Wi-Fi to allow it to update itself as necessary. You could make some of the content public, keep some of it private & intimate, etc. You could even log in with a password and upload your own content–perhaps a special song or whatever–for when you return to pay respects.

What do you think?