Hello there.

clay parker jones

I am an Executive Strategy Director at a wonderful place called Undercurrent, where I lead a team of lovely, brilliant people in pursuit of awesome solutions for big, complicated problems.

I was born in Cadillac, Michigan, and lived in 6 states since then: Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, California, Illinois, and now New York. I think that’s rather important; moving around gives you a different perspective on things. My degree is in Diplomacy and World Affairs, and I got it from Occidental College.

I love basketball, tennis, woodworking, shoes, drawing, cars, beer/liquor, bicycles, my family, and movies (regardless of their quality). I used to be a runner. I hope to someday own a shoe company, and live in a cabin of my own creation in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve worked on a ton of crazy stuff.
In chronological order: dairy products; homeland security; specialty insurance; energy production; RV awnings; battery-operated fans; commercial, franchised roofing; group fitness; cinema; pure-play startups; beer pubs; office equipment; NGOs; horse racing; higher education; hair clippers; sports arenas; candy; eggs; hospital networks; outboard motors; carbonated soft drinks; rum; beer; cars; sports nutrition; QSRs… good times.

I’d love it if you emailed me.
I like to meet people that read this blog. And I really like to work on cool projects with them. If you feel like saying hi, discussing something, or even getting down to business, just use one of the following to get in touch. I’m in New York, but I like to fly.

exitcreative [ at ] gmail.com

312 -576-0600