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I love Japanese packaging

Juic Handy Type AQUA STICK

I had kinda a shit day. Oh well. That happens.

My day became way better when I opened up my Paddle Palace package and found this. I love Japanese packaging. “Handy Type” cracks me up. And here’s a verbatim of the directions on the side:

Easy ,quick ,safe and handy !
First Water Based Solid Type Table Tenn
is Glue on the earth!

Apply layer of JU
IC AQUA STICK on the sponge and bla
de. Wait a few minutes and paste the rub
ber on the blade (The remained water-b
ased glue can be removed by wipin
g the surface with wet clothings.)

Oh, translations. I love thee. I hope my new ping-pong adventure brings me more of this.


Dremel - WaR

For engraving.