A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

There is so much good in this rant. "Pictures under glass" is nice. So is the bit about the four fundamental grips (learning!). That the iPad was imagined in 1968. The importance of research & vision. But I think this is important: Needs vs. Technology vs. Capability.

In this rant, I’m not going to talk about human needs. Everyone talks about that; it’s the single most popular conversation topic in history.

And I’m not going to talk about technology. That’s the easy part, in a sense, because we control it. Technology can be invented; human nature is something we’re stuck with.

I’m going to talk about that neglected third factor, human capabilities. What people can do. Because if a tool isn’t designed to be used by a person, it can’t be a very good tool, right?

I think at UC we’ve focused mostly on the latter. Accidentally, probably, but that’s a happy accident.

See what I’m talking about.