Newegg vs. Soverain: Victory, Us!

At Undercurrent, we’re seeing more and more of the inside story of digital marketing (and when I say marketing, I mean real Marketing, not just communications), and I’m shocked at how many patent trolls are extracting rents for ridiculous reasons. In this case, it appears that the patents have been essentially voided (for the purposes of people using carts, receipts and sessions in e-commerce) because of the prior existence of the CompuServe Mall.

And while this doesn’t mean we’re all free and clear, at least our favorite vendors don’t have to invisibly send a portion of our purchases to Soverain. We can only hope they pass the savings on to us.

Two for you, CompuServe. Two for you. None for Gretchen Weiners.

See what I’m talking about.

Bonus: read the ruling! 25 narrow-set pages, PDF.

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