Fraud + Low Engagement + Underpants = Profit

Digital advertising: it’s not just a race to the bottom, it’s a dirty race to the bottom.

“It’s true that many folks are working on addressing the issue, including the IAB. But the bad actors are currently far ahead of the good guys, and worse, many in our industry are turning a blind eye, hoping the problem goes away in time, without too much publicity. Why? Well, nearly everyone gets paid from fraud – the publishers, the exchanges, the data providers, and the agencies. Even the marketers,who are footing the bill, feel like they are getting value – because the success metrics they’ve set up are being met.”

– John Battelle, “It’s Time To Call Out Fraud In The Adtech Ecosystem”

That last bit makes my skin crawl. But there is hope. Savvier folks are spending more on infrastructure, products, services, people and support than they are on advertising inventory, and they’re seeing the benefit.

See what I’m talking about.

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