Strava & Le Tour: Good Marketing

Not sure if any of you watched the Tour, or if you’re into cycling, but I think Strava just killed it with the promos (mostly inspiration, very little discussion of features, etc.) and featured segments.

No idea what I’m talking about? Strava is an app that runs on the iPhone (or connects to a variety of GPS-enabled devices) that tracks runs and rides. It’s easy to use and it looks tremendous. In the app, you can designate “segments” – bits of road, an entire route, whatever, that are used to measure performance: he/she who goes fastest through the GPS gates wins. Strava connected with the Tour de France to highlight key bits of the race, like the one above: the Col de la Madeleine.

Gorgeous (important in the cycling world) and smartly integrated. Quality stuff.

Strava’s featured Tour segments

Me on Strava (let’s be friends?)

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