February 2012
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Day 02/03/2012

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So much truth, so much inspiration.

I don’t put much stock in the “sleep is for the unsuccessful” thing, but the idea that the best in every field work hard to perfect everything, every little detail, everything to the work…man, that’s powerful stuff.

I remember in college we used to really think about this kind of thing: managing our sleep, managing our food, the timing of our workouts, the people that we ran with, the order of operations for optimal race and workout days…everything was considered and pretty much mandated by a coach.

Since entering the adult work world, I’ve never once thought that way. Let alone lived by life with that kind of focused method.

Which is pretty weak, if you ask me.

I suppose most people, including myself, think “that kind of intensity is for professional athletes.”

Again, weak. Some folks in the creative and strategic world get paid like professional athletes, and their careers are significantly longer.

So my question, I guess, for myself and anyone who feels like being inspired today: where’s the focus?

Found via Mr. Plett.