Vacation View

Woke up and went for a run, calf hurting me all the way
What good are these big calves for if they hurt so much all the time?
Cleaned up a bit and received directions on landscaping
Put gloves on and cleared away two truckloads of blackberries, ferns and assorted pokey bits
Took a break with some iced tea and a lot of sweat
Cut down a bramble of Redwood trees so that others might survive
Turns out staying upright on a hillside while cutting down a tree is really hard
Took a break with Dad and a local beer
Hauled off the cuttings to West Green
Went to the Co-op and chuckled at hippie babies
Debated lentil brining time
Made and ate burgers, lentil salad, and Negronis
Played Empire Builder, am winning

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