Open Airport Metrics

Normal display at LHR. Departures, gates, etc.

But on 2 out of 4 of the rotating screens on all boards within LHR are filled with airport performance data.

Now it’s not clear how the metrics are gathered – some, like Terminal 5 tube service availability, seem to be automatic while others are ratings – but no matter the how, this is very, very cool.

Here’s what they’re tracking:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Wayfinding
  3. Flight info
  4. Departure lounge seat availability
  5. Pier service
  6. Terminal 5 service availability
  7. Security waiting time < 5 minutes
  8. Security waiting time < 10 minutes
  9. Security waiting time for transfer passengers < 10 minutes
  10. Lifts, escalators & passenger conveyor service availability
  11. Lifts, escalators & passenger conveyor service availability (passenger critical)
  12. Arrivals reclaim service availability

Each is color coded: yellow for being exactly at their target, green for being above target, and red for being below target. How very 37signals of you, Heathrow.

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