You’re A Digital City Planner

I’ve always found it really useful to think about digital experiences as a metro systems. iA hit it on the head with their map, but beyond that, there’s something really interesting about imagining your own digital metropolis, where you’re serving as both the urban planner and the transportation commissioner. It’s fun to think about people getting on and off different lines – and how many get on and get off at each stop, and why – and to wonder where the under-served neighborhoods might be.

I do think this is more relevant for frequent-use digital experiences (which is to say it’s not that relevant for most brands) but it’s interesting nevertheless.

I also really, really love subway maps.


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  1. One of my major points I made at Parsons was about urban planning = digital strategy! One is about figuring out people in relation to their physical environments and helping get them through those systems efficiently, and the other is about figuring out people or information in relation to their digital environments/getting them through those efficiently. hearts.

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