Redesigning Foursquare’s User Pages

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Redesigning things is fun. I’m no designer, but I thought it might be nice to try my hand at redesigning the Foursquare user page, particularly with regard to how one friend views another friend on the site. Based on some things that I know are possible from a programming standpoint, I’ve also suggested some feature additions to the site.

For a look at how it normally looks, go here, to my page.

Thanks to Marisa, Johanna, Mike, Alex and Ana for talking to me about this and helping me vet potential additions to the design.

1. Get a map!

I think a map would be a real nifty addition to a product that is about location. Don’t you? Clicking on the angle quote (sorry type nerds!) would collapse the stats. I could see adding points to that bar, and comparisons to the rest of the users: “Top 20%!”. I’ve created four views for the map:

  • Mayorships – obvious
  • Frequented – places I go a lot, but am not the mayor
  • Shared – places that the viewer and I have both been to at some point
  • Tweets – my tweets that have geolocation added to them (hidden if a user doesn’t use Twitter or doesn’t geotag their tweets)

2. Similarity!

I feel like Foursquare should be able to tell me how similar I am to others on the site, based on our check-in habits. I love how Last.FM does this. To take this further, a cheeky message could be applied to different levels of similarity: 100% alignment could be “Long-lost twin.” (H/T Mr. Arauz.)

3. Feeds!

Why couldn’t Foursquare pull in my Flickr feeds like Dopplr does? And based on checkin time (and geotagged photos!), it should be able to at least guess where I took those photos. And why not just show my recent tweets, instead of a link to my twitter profile?

4. Likes, Tips, Suggestions!

If I’m looking at a friend’s profile page, I should be able to see what they’re most into at a glance. I probably already know—based on pings, etc.—but a quick digest of their venue preferences might be pretty cool. And it would be completely rad if Foursquare could let my friends in on a place that I’ve never been before, and suggest that they take me to that spot. Not only is this great for dates, but it’d be awesome for helping me make decisions on where to go. And hey, couldn’t somebody sponsor that spot? I think they could.

Do you like this? Should I change it? What would you change?

Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Looking good my friend. I guess my teachings have suited you well. I am not a huge Foursquare advocate and when I look at the designs, I have to ask myself one thing: “Would and/or do people spend time on” I feel, and I could be wrong, most people use Foursquare to check into locations. But would people use all the good information presented here. You are pulling in a lot of different social media outlets and relating the information to help the user. But maybe this isn’t for Foursquare. Maybe it is the beginning of the next level to aggregating your social networks. There are so many now, your personal site/blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Linked In, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymile, blah, blah, blah…you get the point. But we don’t spend time on any of these sites anymore because we only want the relevant content to “me.” People are using Tweetdeck, for example, to aggregate the networks. But “me” doesn’t care about the network. “Me” wants only the content relevant to “me”. So maybe you are just thinking too BIG for Foursquare. That’s all. Good work!

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