Monthly Goals: March

Just for accountability’s sake:

  1. Blog/Journal every day – Anything. Don’t care what it is, just blog it. And IRL, some observation about life, hand-written into a journal. I plan to upload pics of the journal pages.
  2. Reader every day – So much good stuff in my feeds lately. I need to consume more. More consumption = better output.
  3. Finish two books I’ve started – I never finished Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Ethics of Identity and I’m about halfway through Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel, and both books are amazing (but holding me up), so I need to get them done.
  4. Work out 4 days per week – I have to do this, or I won’t get my money back from the Equinox challenge. It’s a fair chunk of change, so I had better get on this. Also, I’d like to get under 200 lbs by April 1.
  5. Drink only one day per week – And not weeknights.
  6. Get a massage – People say it’s good for you. I’ve never had a real one.
  7. Save up for a decent suit that fits me, a bike that I can race on, and a new pair of wheels for my fixie – These are all things that I don’t necessarily need, but that fulfill some sort of life desire.
  8. Start saving more into an “Oh Shit” fund – Mine is too small.
  9. Get rid of all the clothes I don’t want anymore – Except tee-shirts. I have a problem getting rid of tees. The rest will go to goodwill.
  10. Only eat meat that I feel good about – Specifically, that I know where it came from. Mike’s ladyfriend, Hannah, has this rule, and I like it. I like meat, but I should be a little more conscientious about the source of what I eat. Plus, it’ll help me eat healthier. Go me.


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  1. Nora,

    I like the list. Nice mix of self-improvement and self-indulgence. I’d love to see updates on your progress, other people’s goals usually propel me towards my own.

  2. Thanks, ladies.

    I will absolutely be updating on progress. You know, on Twitter. See y’all there.

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