R2C Performance

R2C Performance from Clay Parker Jones on Vimeo.

Just showing off another site that my buddies and I just finished up. I figure since this was a night-and-weekend project, I ought to post it…on the weekend. This is for R2C Performance, a local air filter company that makes these super high-performance air filters for road and race applications. I guess most of the big guys (K&N, etc.) use cotton gauze in their filters, which pales in comparison to the media R2C uses.

High performance filters…high performance site: the big thing for these guys was that they needed the site to be really search-engine friendly. Right off the bat we made a decision that we wanted the products page to be the landing page for searchers, so we used a Javascript accordion to hold all the product information in one spot without having to make a really long page or split things up. And so far, it seems to be working. People are entering the site on the products page, and when they get there, they’re spending about 2 minutes checking things out. So it seems to be working so far.

And if you look at the code, you can see that (as best we could) we kept things strict XHTML + CSS, and we did what we could to make the pages search-engine friendly.

Want to see the video in HD so you can read everything as I’m going through it? Click here. Design was by Tony Bonilla & Kevin Panke, and I wrote the copy and did the dev.


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  1. Donna,

    Once again, I am freakin’ impressed. Who taught you this stuff:)