“Hot Knives”

That’s my campaign slogan for my triathlon. That’s because that’s what it feels like in my shoulders right about now, and that’s what the fella next to me in the pool said it would feel like today. Putting on and taking off shirts is a bit of an iffy proposition.

Just got home (at 11:30 PM) from a 1,000 meter swim in the pool and a 4 mile run: home to Sears Tower to home.

Did a bit of a warmup, then did a 525 in about 9 minutes. That’s the race distance, and I want to be around 8 minutes coming out of the water on race day. I think I’ll manage that. Followed it up with a few easy 100s and then hit the road.

I’ve never felt better.

If you want to see my workout regime (sic), go to this google docs page. I told my roomie about it today and he called it a regimen, which led to us calling it Reggie-Man, and then it got its full title: Reggie-Man’s Workout Regimen. Yellow rows are completed workouts.