Ahh, New York

On Tuesday we went to NYC to pitch some new business. That’s Kevin, a copywriter, and Dave, the President of Hoffman York. Our Chairman/Chief Creative Officer, Tom Jordan, came too.

We rode in a limo to O’Hare.

We stayed in the Sheraton New York. My room was not made up when I arrived.

I had some Laphroaig with the boys.

I had a deadly Reuben at the Carnegie Deli. I did not finish it.

I wore adult shoes and socks. Both made by a fella called Paul.

We pitched well and flew home.

And I took a picture in the bathroom so mom could see what I wore.

Overall a great trip. Hope they liked us!


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  1. love the outfit!

    kev just wore a black suit and pink shirt to a wedding we went to on saturday.