Superbowl Ad Review

Nicely done. Just plain good to watch. Captivated the living room. [Coke/Macy's Balloons]

Not hilarious, certainly, and at first… just a bit difficult to get what was going on. But the casting is great, and the line works well. I feel like Wes Anderson chose the font for the line. Overall I really like to see good art direction with the closing line, and the thinking just works here. Very honest. I hope the product actually works as advertised. [Tide To Go/Talking Stain]

Great guy humor. [Bud Light/Wine & Cheese Party]

This has been done a brazillian times, to quote Dubya, but the quiet grasshopper is perfect. Great expression on the lady, and the final honk is a nice touch [Bridgestone/Screaming Squirrel]

I can’t get enough of Will Farrell characters doing commercials. Please, more. [Bud Light/Jackie Moon]

I really liked this one. It grabbed the room, silenced the early-game chip-crunch-fest, and generally had all us Godfather aficionados nodding our heads. But let’s face it, the old dude’s acting sucked. [Audi R8/Godfather]


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  1. I’m pretty much in full agreement. I had seen the Tide to Go before, which I think made it less special. I think you’ll enjoy the Old Spice + Ferrell commercials coming out soon. Also, did you see that NFL Network spot with the guy toasting the Bears at his wedding? It’s not getting a lot talk and is pretty similar insight as ESPNEWS’ guys talking out of their assess but was a fan favorite at my event. If you have time, you should do a part 2 with the worst of the bunch – people like to hate/read the bashing.

  2. I agree with all you posted. In addition, I laughed out loud at the Bud Lite Breath Fire and Napolean Garman. I think the NFL spots might have been regionalized because I didn’t see the Bears spot referenced by El Gaffney, but liked the one we had where the big guy played the oboe. Great reveal.

  3. Two other things I forgot (bear with me…it’ll happen to you in time):

    The grasshopper in the BStone spot is screaming also.
    The guy in the Godfather spot looks like Moe “I was making my bones while you were still screwing cheerleaders” Green (Rocco). Is he?