Some new art

Lots of art-related posts lately.

Here’s some new stuff that I’ve been playing with lately, with some of the original drawing done several years ago.

Jack Kerouac || exitcreative

Jack Kerouac (2004-ish?)

Koi Fish Tattoo || exitcreative

Koi Fish Tattoo draft for Danielle

Flowers || exitcreative

Japanese flowers for the tat…

Durry Jones || exitcreative

My dad, back in the day

Rose Elements || exitcreative

Here’s the cool stuff. I did two pieces, and I can bring them together to get some cool effects. See below…

Rose || exitcreative

The finished rose

Nicole || exitcreative

A girl I knew

Rainbow Sandals || exitcreative

I did all these by using a Sharpie, taking a picture/scan of my drawing and then having fun in Illustrator. You can see big versions on my Flickr.


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  1. Nice work – really like some of these :o)

  2. Neil -


    I like to have fun on the computer and on paper in my spare time.

    - Clay