Oh, beautiful Ferrari

This is nice. It’s a Shell ad that follows Ferrari F1 cars through various major cities. I can’t even fathom how much this must have cost, but it’s beautiful, even on YouTube. This is one of the better-optimized web videos I’ve seen.

Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous… from Dat on Vimeo.

As is this. It’s part of a mashup between Google Video and Google Maps that tracks the progress of Claude Lelouch through Paris in 1978. Apparently Lelouch was a film director back in the day that had an F1-driving friend. They put a steadycam on the front of a Ferrari 275 GTB (thank God they weren’t doing this kind of stuff in a 250) and tore through Paris, topping out at 140 MPH. All without closed roads.


And then there’s this, Victory by Design. I used to have a link to the hour-long program, but it seems to have been taken down, sadly enough. The quality was good enough (both the program and the optimization) that I felt like web video could really replace TV. But now if you go here you can see all the segments in a row. Not as good at all, but still, it’s a great series.

By the way, why is YouTube’s internal search so terrible? It’s easier to type in “blah blah Youtube” to Google than search with the Youtube-supplied search. They should fix that.


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