Instant Cameras

Instant cameras. I haven’t seen one in action for a long while. Last night I went out with my friends and we left our digitals at home. So we grabbed two instant cameras from Walgreens, documented the evening and got them developed today. The results were, well, different.

Eff You

You can’t delete the bad ones.


You can’t always frame things right. Or see if it came out the way you wanted.

A Mistake in Film Processing

But you get beautiful errors like this one. Can’t happen with digital. It either is (1) or it isn’t (0). Analog is much more interesting. And looking through a viewfinder is kindof a quaint process.


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  1. My 10 year old son found my old Canon Ixus in a cupboard today. He couldn’t understand why the camera didn’t a have a screen to see what you’d taken a photo of.

  2. At times I miss film too, although not all the expenses involved!

    Love your hair.

  3. Donna,

    Did you get new glasses?

  4. Stan – My friends and I always get a kick out of that phenomenon. It’s like when my little cousin saw my parents’ rotary phone and had NO IDEA how to use it.

    Stacy – Ahh, lamentations of days gone by. Thanks for the props on the hair. Looking at your blog I can see why you might like it…

    Mom – Nope. Those are the old ones. Makes life a little blurry but they’re a lot better looking. Yes, I need to go to the optometrist. I know!