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NOTE: FYI, anyone reading on a feed is going to be missing out on some sweet video action.

Over at David Armano’s excellent Logic + Emotion blog, I stumbled across some interesting discussion regarding a rather sophomoric Hardee’s/Carl’s JR. ad regarding flat buns. David doesn’t much like the ad, and the 19 comments from his readers seem to indicate a similar distaste.

Being a 26-year-old guy who likes sophomoric humor–and having recently written about why guys act the way they do–I feel the need to come to this ad’s defense. And post some other ads for reaction. I love them all. They make me laugh. A couple of them almost had me calling an 800 number for a free sample of a male enhancement drug. Almost.

The Carl’s ad in question:

A couple excellent Enzyte ads:

An AWESOME ad from Bodog. I was eagerly anticipating the reveal on this one.

And some ridiculous Clearasil ads. May cause confidence. May also corrupt teens and turn them into pimps and hoes.

What really makes this one awesome is the “You too” at the end. That guy is seriously the MAN!

These have caused some real uproar, and even got a whole 5-minute segment on a CNN show. I think they’re hilarious. I honestly don’t see what the problem is.

Oh wait. I do know what the problem is:


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  1. I like the clearasil Ads. They’re creative and well written. The Enzyte Ads are kind of funny too. The Bodog Ad had a similar formula to Hardees—take a borrowed interest (scene from Wierd Science) and make an ad out of it. Actually Bodog might have been better in the sense that although it was crude (and kind of weird), at least the footballs were unexpected. :-)

    Actually, I like sophomoric humor. Don’t like predictable, boring, uncreative sophomoric humor.

  2. The Bodog ad is pretty creepy. What kind of (heterosexual male) weirdo would prefer footballs to breasts? Seriously, dude, breasts are better than footballs, I promise you that. I guess the point is that some guys prefer football to sex, but I sure as hell ain’t one of those people, so I find it really hard to identify with that kid. The Enzyte ads are creepy, too — I don’t want to be like that guy, either, walking around with an obvious physical disability induced by cheap over-the-counter steroid drug abuse. It reminds me of the types of permanent sexual dysfunctions bodybuilders get from ‘roid abuse, or of the permanent facial creepiness of people who overuse Botox.

    The Clearasil ads, on the other hand, are freakin fantastic. The “you too” one is genius.

  3. David -

    The Clearasil ads caused quite a ruckus; did you see the CNN clip? People are taking them far, far to seriously. It’s crazy… I mean, there’s bigger things to worry about. And anyway, according to the CDC, the number of teenage virgins has gone up 15% in the last decade. Oral sex rates are way up, but that’s beside the point.

    Christopher -

    Yeah, it is creepy. But the idea, I guess, is that Bodog makes random fantasies come true. Not that Bodog will finally give you a chick with football tits. Because, as you point out, no rational straight male would prefer to fondle pigskin.

  4. I didn’t care for the Hardee’s commercial. It just seemed like too much of a stretch, and wasn’t really about buying hamburgers. The Clearasil ones are funny though. They’re more on target (e.g. teenagers who want to feel better about their looks) and go a little overboard in a comical way. I like the twist to them.

    I actually saw the Bob-male-enhancement one on tv, and it drove me crazy. It’s a little stupid, but I think they just ran it way too much.

    But still, the Hardees ad irks me.

  5. Katie -

    Yeah, I hear ya on the Hardees, but I still like it. I think there’s some humor in it, at least for me. As for Enzyte, I enjoyed these (now that I think about it) just like I enjoyed the “Contest” episode of Seinfeld. Ya dig?

    Glad we’re all on the same page with the Clearasil.

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