Happy Birthday likemind

Happy Birthday Likemind

Today is the third Friday of July. And as such, I went down to Intelligentsia on 53 E. Randolph Street at 8:00 to meet up and chat with anyone who wanted free coffee. Mike Maddaloni is a blogger, dedicated Chicago Likemind-er and owner of Dunkirk Systems. We sat in the front window and talked about the troubles of e-commerce sites until Raza Imam, Managing Partner at Adaptive Solutions, showed up. Then we talked about social networking, what Raza’s company does and strangely effective but ugly websites.

We wore our name badges. Mike and Raza removed them before the photo, but we definitely wore them. Because we like our free coffee, provided by Anomaly. Then we went outside to have our photo taken (which is here). A friend of a friend, Adam, showed up, but couldn’t stay. He just wanted to say hello, and knew I was going to be at Intelligentsia with some folks. Weird how that all works.

Thanks to Noah, Piers and all the folks (almost 60 of them) around the world that make this such a cool thing.

Including: Mark, Tad, Scott, Elizabeth, Casper, Lauren, Jamie, Mack, Paul, Amanda, Verity, Daniele, David, Bjorn, Herb, Sarah, Luca, Antonio, Ryan, Alex, Arya, Yousuf, Matthias, Jens, Mikael, Mikaela, Koert, Simon, David, Richard, Michael, Lauren, Sage, Lauren, Mark, Michele, Lorenzo, Ozgur, Alemsah, Shu, Joseph, Amanda, Aaron, Roberto, Terronista, Iain, Curtis, Carolyn, Ronnie, Jason, Audrey, Nev, Eric, Jane, Paul, James, Geoff & Alex.

Here’s to many more Likeminds to come.


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  1. Thanks for organizing it Clay… see you next month if not sooner!


  2. I hope to participate next month with you guys. Was planning on coming down on the train to work out of our Chicago office but didn’t work out.

  3. Donna,

    hmmmm….looks like other people do know about the goodness of the train.

  4. Mike,

    I’m so mad I missed Likemind! I checked the website but some reason I didn’t see one for CHI!

  5. Mike K -

    Yeah, it’s there, I think. Anyway, next time I’m in N.O.LA I will have to head to y’all’s Likemind, or we can have a non-Likemind coffee morning instead. Just for fun. I have a friend moving down there soon so it’s likely I’ll be inclined to visit.