Hi-Fi Blog 3: Tennessee Fireworks Mecca

So this weekend I went to Atlanta with my roommate, our friend and his special lady. Quite a time. Quite a long trip. A few notes: Cracker Barrel is doing some great billboard work. Billboards promoting God and related services are quite a bit more common down there than they are up here. Barns that are all but fallen-down are used as outdoor media for towns and locations: “Tell your friends about Rock City” was one of my favorites. Improvised advertising.

The biggest, loudest advertisers down that way are the fireworks stands that dot the interstate. The video above (available here also for feed readers) is just a little example of the marketing wars these fireworks stands engage in. They’ve both elevated their product/service line above the norm, by adding booze, other cold beverages and of all things, GAS STATIONS to their locations. And they both had significant ad spends on billboards ALL OVER THE PLACE. But Big Daddy Fireworks won us over with their clever tag, “Best Bang for your Buck”. Get it?

FYI, Big Daddy’s retail space was WAY smaller than the sign he had up on the roof.


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  1. Your voice sounds like Beavis and Butthead version. esp. “Best Bang for your buck.” hehe

  2. Whatever, Oakie! Those billboards are crazy…