Friday Question

So many good responses to the last one… have to keep this up.

  1. What is your favorite ad/brand/marketing-related blog?
  2. While we’re at it, what’s your top 5?
  3. What is your least favorite?

If you want to say why, feel free. If you want to answer one but not the other, feel free. If you want to be anonymous, again…feel free. Have a good weekend!


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  1. 1. Russell’s. surprise.

    2. hm. The other four might include… hey, you know what? Most of the blogs I read aren’t marketing-related. oops. I love Agenda, Inc., though. It’s a pop culture blog if you don’t read it.

    3. ha. I don’t think I have to answer this one.

  2. 1. Russell Davies… by far the best one.

    2. Well, #2 – Adliterate, #3 – BrandTarot, #4 – Cafeina (is the blog of Lowe Brazil, a great one but it´s in portuguese) and #5 – Grant McCracken’s blog. All of them are just excellent, but there are to many blogs that I haven’t read yet, so this list could change in any minute.

    3. There are plenty of them, so they aren´t in my RSS reader.

  3. 1. Yeah, me too. Russell is the shit.

    2. I love Adliterate, and Grant McCracken, too. I read BrandTarot pretty consistently but unfortunately whenever I comment there I feel like John thinks I’m an idiot. But he is brilliant so I guess I could expect that would happen. Johanna, why don’t you give us a list of the non-marketing ones?

    3. HA (directed to Johanna).

  4. Oh, with pleasure! is the blog of this girl Rena, who owns a very nice store in Park Slope, Brooklyn called Rare Device. Lots of stuff in the crafty movement, but staying far enough from kitsch that I love it. is a foodie blog, and I love love love it. I’ve been reading it for a few years, and now one of his entries is up for post of the month on Russell’s blog! is my close friend Nicole’s blog – she just moved to Portland and got a copywriting job and writes more about life than anything else. and – two notebooky, sketchbooky blogs… writing about notebooks, Moleskines, pens, sketches, etc. There are some WONDERFUL links to amazing Flickr sketch sets in here. I was about to blog about Provence France one.

    Let me know if you’d like more!

  5. If you have more recommendations…absolutely.

  6. is great – talks about interior design and making the most of your space is a hilarious analysis of Marmaduke every day – the Rolling Stone blog… I feel like I am so much more “up on things” now that I read this. Just stuff happening in my area, with labels, etc. – a designer’s blog… Swiss but now in NYC. awesome stuff.

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