I also love Southwest Airlines

Yeah, Southwest has low fares. And they have the no-assigned-seat thing, which I love. I don’t mind sitting in the middle seat if I’m in the front of the plane. And they’re cheap. But whatever…it’s what happened last night on my flight from Islip to Midway that was really neat.

So we’re all loaded on the plane, after a 1.5 hour weather-related delay. Everyone’s a little cranky–Thanksgiving travel sucks–but the flight crew seems nice and there are relatively few babies crying. And then something very strange happens. Someone comes on the PA system and starts singing. It’s not clear who this person is or what the song is, but it’s recognizable…

At first, I was a little weirded-out. My hyperactive worry gland kicked in, and I thought we were being hijacked by the world’s first band of singing terrorists. But then I realized… it’s Captain Over, or First Mate Roger (the same voice as the guy who said we’d be heading up to 40,000 and making a right at Cleveland)… and he’s singing a version of Creedence Clearwater’s “Rollin on the River”, but he cleverly subbed “Runway” for “River”. Anyway, it was funny, and everyone on the plane laughed and applauded when he was done. He thanked us for clapping, we paused for a minute, and took off. It was awesome. The lady next to me said, “Well, they’re the fun, caring airline, so they’re keeping up their brand image.” I wonder what she does for a living…

Anyway, it was hilarious, and a really nice touch. And it was the most memorable part of the flight. I’m willing to bet that every one of the 100-ish people on the plane told at least one or two friends/family members about the event. And it all started with one guy coming up with a stupid cover of a great Creedence song. No approvals, no meetings, no briefs, nothing. Just the decision–and talent–of one Southwest pilot.


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