Nonzero Comms

Web 2.0-y, I know, but...

Over at Talent Imitates, Genius Steals, I’ve joined in on the conversation regarding Nonzero Communications (formerly & incorrectly Zero-Sum Communications, then Win-Win Communications).

Faris offers the following definition…

Nonzero Comms: Communication where there is a balanced value exchange between consumer and brand.

I said that he should simplify his diagram, but instead, I did one for him. It’s a little too Web 2.0-y, but I figure I should keep up with the Joneses. Since I am one.

I added a space in between the company and the people, which is where I believe the brand exists. It’s not a real thing, just like the way people perceive who you are is not a real, tangible thing. Instead, it is something that is constantly changing based on the actions of each side of the equation, and exists only in the minds of the participants.

Here’s my old imagination of what that intersection might look like, inspired by L+E and Whistle, from this post:

Oldie. Goodie?


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  1. Interesting – I like it mate.

    As a planner type I’m used to diagrams that have directions, arrows and that – but I dig this.

    I’ve had a new idea that I’m playing with – I might have to get you to diagram it for me ;)

  2. No problem. Love to spend time after hours playing with photoshop.

    I intentionally left out arrows so it’s more yin-yang friendly, yeah?

  3. Ah yin yang – I get ya.

  4. Only Love Is Real,

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