Apple Human Interface Guidelines

What an amazing find.

I’m writing an application review for a potential client, and I was looking out for some background material on the “right” way to design a software app. I’m trying to couch every one of my comments in the context of experience design. My first thought (sorry, Microsoft. Sorry, Adobe.) was to check to see if Apple had anything to say about how they design apps. Whoa. What a resource they offer!

Under Apple’s Developer Connection, they provide a huge library of technical and philosophical guidelines for creating great applications. I don’t have much time to go over this now, but take a moment and read the following set of documents: Apple Human Interface Guidelines

More on this later, for sure. One of the things that caught my attention is the idea of metaphorical interaction with software apps; for example, the reason iTunes works so well for novices and power users is that it effectively translates on-screen a real-world thing: making and playing lists of music you own.

I’m sure David Armano has been through these a few times.