Google Analytics Fun

Google Analytics is great. I love it. Thanks, Google. Even though your stats are WAY, WAY lower than what my host company provides, I love the detail. Keep it up, Google.

Where people live:

Geo location

Where they work:

I know where you are

What they’re searching for:

And how you got here

Link and search love:

And who sent you

Couple things I thought were funny:

  1. Someone actually searched for “every californian owns”
  2. I have a reader in Iran
  3. I visit my site less than other people do (this is a shock). I’m “Urban Innovations”


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  1. It’s amazing isn’t it?

    Now if they would just make the promo code a bit easier (faster) to acquire (for clients, etc), that would be great.

  2. ivan,

    wow! i’m happy to see AotW brings you so many visitors. only google brings you more! :D

  3. who knew!
    great post!


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