Finally, tis almost over

A hell week is coming to a close. Jim is cutting out the boards that I mounted (yes, the AE lends a hand). We’re delivering them to our client. She’s at a dinner reservation and leaves for China in the morning to present their new packaging to a big customer. Now that’s full service.

I don’t have the energy to write at this point.

So here’s some highlights from today:

Seasom & Rareback

Out Jim’s window. Great patterns.


My art project, made from a single-serving packet of life-saving Advil.

He's the man, this man

A rather cool picture of Jim, our CD, at work. Greektown in the background. He’s always backlit like this. Kinda funny having meetings in his office.


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  1. Donna,

    the pics are great. taken with your camera phone? My “comment section” is finally working. maybe it wasn’t my computer?

  2. Clay, nice additions to the blog. Both the newest posts, the updated brand and the co comments. I feel like you are “finding your voice”.

    I especially like the Agency Life additions. And the aspirin art was very cool.

  3. Took all the photos on the agency’s Nikon. dSLRs are AMAZING. As you can see…

    Glad to hear your comments are up and running. The whole thing works WAY better on Firefox. And it’s better for your computer’s health, too. I’ll call and show you how to install.

  4. David, glad you like the Agency Life stuff; it was a heck of a week! I’m starting to be happy with the visual expression of my “brand”… I probably should have written a brief before I started. Thanks again for the link back to the blog!

    - Clay