As a Coffee Drinker, I Must Protest

Northern Planner today posted a really nice ode to tea. He is British, if you didn’t know, so it follows that he would like tea. I agree with 90% of what he has to say, with the most notable exception of: “Tea is Kate Bush and Alan Rickman v Coffee’s Britney Spears and Will Smith.”

Seriously? Britney and Big Will? C’mon. It’s easy to pick on Americans, I know, but this cannot stand.


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  1. Good point, too commonly people in Europe criticise Americans without thanking them for what they’ve given the world.
    In my defense I know that the Beatles and The Stones stole American ideas, I think Rufus Wainright is the best songwriter around, Woody Allen is a genius, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the smartest, funniest comedy around and Star Wars was the hub of mu childhood.
    I like coffee too, it’s just that the experience isn’t the same as tea if you’re British, just like Britney is fake – along with a long list of British creations like James Blunt and Dido.
    Thanks for the feedback, your most welcome to publicly berate me on my blog.

  2. Andrew -

    Thanks, too, for your feedback. … From the British point of view, I can completely understand what you’re saying. And I suppose, in a way, coffee is more authentically “American” than any other beverage, especially given our revolutionary history.

    So I hear what you’re saying. I just didn’t want my favorite beverage besmirched by association with Brit & Will. Speaking of Woody Allen, I just saw Manhattan for the first time last night, and it was amazing. Genius.

    - Clay

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